Living with an Incontinent Dog - Help please

Following on from my thread about old dogs, on a more personal note, Vita, our 12 year-old Airedale, is having the occasional accident. And I wondered if anyone else has experience of this and would be willing to share that experience. Thanks.
She’s not dire at the moment. Can go several days / sometimes weeks without an accident. But one issue is that she is lying there when she wets herself and then (of course) her thick fur smells of urine.
This, you understand, is an Airedale who HATES water - walks round puddles. Washing her is always a major stress event and has resulted in the past in her getting a trapped nerve in her neck from standing rigid with fear.
So, I am looking for solutions (literally) that I can use to clean her fur with without getting her in the shower. Has anyone any suggestions please?
Our vet is recommending propalin and also a homeopathic option. The latter is Homeopet Leaks no More. I can source it in the UK but haven’t found it online in France. Just wondered if anyone knows of it here, or can recommend a French equivalent. Thanks.
Grateful for any ideas / suggestions.

Presumably you are talking about a French vet… perhaps he/she knows where you can get the HLeaks no More…

Also, what is the equivalent in French…

might be worth asking the question…

Tilly who is epileptic is sometimes a little incontinent. Apart from lining her crate and her bed with puppy pads, I have a dry shampoo that I buy from Jardiland which helps a lot in between her going to the toiletteuse, (I’m forgetting my English :woman_facepalming:t2:🤷).
It’s fairly natural, although not 100% and doesn’t irritate her skin. She hates being bathed by me but loves being groomed by the lady at the grooming parlour, (it’s come back to me) and I’m pretty sure she gets a bath whilst she’s there.
I also use a démêlant spray as she’s long haired and that helps take away the smell. I’m going into Jardiland this afternoon. I’ll see if I can find them both and I’ll give you the exact names.


Thanks Damaris.

Yes, she is here in France. The link she gave me was to a UK site, so I’m guessing not available here and no equivalent in France, so far as she’s concerned.

I was going to suggest dry shampoo and I know that there is one for horses that you use without water. I will see if I can find it too.

Thanks Cat

Actually if you Google no rinse horse shampoo (I just have!) There are now loads on the market so it just depends on what you want to pay, what you want her to smell of (lavender?!) And how natural you want to go. Probably cheaper than human or dog dry shampoo too as horses are bigger!


My lovely Nanna became incontinent pee-wise at about 12 and a half or 13, my vet gave me something for it, which worked really well. Some hormone-based thing, I seem to remember - there are 2 different drugs which actually work, we tried that one first as my vet said it has fewer side-effects, it is specifically for spayed bitches and worked very very well for Nanna. My vets are Cormier &Thorel, rue Berggren in Bergerac if you want to give them a ring and ask.
It changed our lives as obviously an incontinent dog isn’t happy about it and it makes normal life (sleeping on children’s beds and on sofas) very unpleasant.


Thanks Vero. Much appreciated.

Despite my long experience and preference for older dogs I haven’t encountered this problem before so I thank all of you for the various solutions, which of course never occurred to me, and they are now firmly established in my memory bank. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Best of luck with that, I hear someone say. :roll_eyes: :slightly_frowning_face:

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