Liz is on a roll…

She’s a bit stuck now, as NI doesn’t currently have a first minister to insult :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


She’s on a roll alright, a cheesy Liz roll. Beggars belief that somebody with not an ounce of charisma, common sense or in fact any redeeming qualities at all could become prime minister. Bunter has lowered the standard to the gutter, however.


But are the polls right, one has to ask?
Remember who owns it… The company, founded by Tory MP Nadhim Zahawi and former Conservative PPC Stephen Shakespeare.
Zahawi is already already under investigation for his YouGov activities regarding Jeremy Corbyn as well as his personal tax affairs by HMRC, he clearly seeks to maintain his support of Truss in the hope of securing another senior role in governemnt should she be installed as PM. I somehow think that he has less favour with her opponent, so again - dirty tricks coming into play…


I didn’t watch it (life’s too short!) but her performance Thursday night 4th August on the SKY debate was apparently dire… the audience was hand picked undecided Tories but it seems Sunak came out on top…

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It is certainly time for change.