Local election results

I thought the same.


In the same way he thought I dont need to follow covid rules, everyone knows who I am.

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I’m perhaps more cynical in thinking that it was a stunt to get some media coverage.


Bit of an odd stunt though - showing himself to be either so arrogant he thought he could vote without ID, or so incompetent he didn’t remember to follow the rules he himself introduced - especially if they were as “essential to combat voter fraud” (non-existent) as the Tories claimed?

He didn’t forget it. It fell out of his shorts.


Have you forgotten the last few years already, he takes pride in appearing to be an idiot.


I remember a time when one could not have imagined a prominent politician modelling himself on Benny Hill…


If you remember the witness statements given by Chris Witty regarding Covid, it was not just appearing to be an idiot!

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Good point, well made

I think we have the answer over whether this was carelessness or a publicity stunt done on purpose…

I want to pay a particular tribute to the three villagers who on Thursday rightly turned me away when I appeared in the polling station with nothing to prove my identity except the sleeve of my copy of Prospect magazine, on which my name and address had been printed.


No ID with him but just so happened to be carrying a magazine with his photo and his address on the cover… Yeah, right.

The sooner this buffoon disappears into alcohol-riddled obscurity, the better!


Corbyn was the best £3 I ever spent. Years of entertainment.

Surely it was the media and the established order that entertained you with their character assassination of Corbyn. I’m pretty confident that no one on this forum has abandoned the UK because of the decline caused by a left leaning PM and government.

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I am inclined to abandon the UK because of all the political parties. But is france really any different when you scratch under the surface, except maybe for the uk clowns past and present?

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Nah, it was deffo the things Corbyn said and did that kept me entertained.

Yes, especially in the Presidential Elections as you vote for the person, not the party and the winner is decided by a proportional representation system.

12 different candidates, proving a whole range of different political favours from which to chose.

Not you, Susan. :grin: Now, off you go… hopefully never to be heard of again.


West Midlands is close, apparently.

And the Tories lost that one too. General election incoming.

Not for months though.

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Could be July… :smiley: