Local life

Heading Back to Bordeaux next week with a few college students. They will be staying with us at our apartment near Parc Bordelais. I want them to be able to experience local life. One thing I thought might be fun was to take an outdoor yoga class. Someone awhile back mentioned classes are held on the quai. I don’t know if there is a fitness center that would let us pay by the day to do this. A cooking or a language class might be fun. I know there is a pool on Rue Judaique, but it was closed the day I tried to get information. We will be taking them to Paris to do the " touristy" things, but here I want them to have a taste of the local life. I am new to the area myself, My first visit was a couple weeks ago. Four hours in line to get my visa, moved into our apartment and did a couple day trips then back to the states. Any suggestions for simple things for them to do is appreciated. Thanks!