Local/National Events this Autumn

Coming up we have

Hallowe’en: 31st October
Toussaint: 1st November
Remembrance: 11th November

Do you get involved in any of these and are there some I have overlooked/forgotten ???

Our Postmistress takes time off and organises everything for the local kids. Procession starts at 5pm … to all households who have asked/agreed to be involved. We will all scream/whimper as may be appropriate and then let the kids help themselves from the sweets/whatever.

Later on the kids/parents/locals have fun in the SdFêtes and everything gets shared out… everyone has a great time…

This is the disc jockey…:ghost:
What goes on in your neck of the woods ??

2nd November is the jour des morts, that is when you are supposed to go and put flowers on & clean up
tombs. As it isn’t a public holiday people do the tomb stuff on Toussaint, but they are two different things, really.

Obviously, things are seen differently here then… everything will be immaculate for the Friday…

Seems to start about 2/3 weeks beforehand. The weeding has mostly been done, now its scrubbing and reorganising all the lovely plaques etc on the tombs. Grass will get its final cut a couple of days before.

Church services across the parish Friday morning and the priest will drop by to bless some of the cemeteries during the day. Mind you, with 27 churches, he could take a whole month to visit the lot of them… :laughing:

October is a lovely month, autumnal fruits and colours and folk getting together to reminisce … November will bring the frost… ooops, time to harvest the kiwi fruit…

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It is the same in English, All Saints’ Day (1st November) vs All Souls’ Day (2nd November) but I suppose it is just for Roman Catholics (??)

I’m assuming all the catholics are skint just now, after giving all their hard-earned to Notre dame

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A tithe used to always be given to the church and some still do Congregationalist Churches, Methodist Churches and Seventh-day Adventist Church.
Luckily for me a tenth of nothing is nothing so they are getting sweet FA off me.
I believe the catholic church is rich enough as it is! :money_mouth_face:

Toussaint in Cognac will be a little subdued this year… :thinking:

So sad to see tombs desecrated like this… :zipper_mouth_face:

I cannot imagine what motivates somebody to do that, it is so small-minded and dismal.