Lockdown... Again

Here we go again. Does anyone have a link to an “official” form to print for permission to be out and about? I wonder if printer paper for this is considered essential? I am going to be needing some.

It hasn’t been published yet other than on the app from what I can gather. There is an existing thread with more info.

Jean Castex is holding a press conference at 18:30 this evening to explain the application of the measures announced by Macron yesterday. Jean-Michel Blanquer, Bruno Le Maire, Gérald Darmanin, Elisabeth Borne et Olivier Véran wil also be there. I expect the attestation will be published and available sometime today.

Attestation - probably

Might be the old one but I guess but it’s better than nothing.

The new one will be released soon on government website…you have no need of one today as measures don’t come in until midnight and the curfew starts at 9pm. And if you need to go out after 9pm then use the couvre-feu attestation.

What is the name of the app?


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This morning I used the attestation de déplacement dérogatoire website on my iPhone. The form is easy to complete and I took a photo of it which was just as well as I couldn’t access the website when out with my dogs. I just hope that a photo is acceptable if I’m ever stopped while out essential shopping or dog walking.

Here’s the website with even one form in English :



To follow on from my earlier post, I’ve been reading on another forum which suggests, for an iPhone, saving the completed attestation to ‘Books’, ,‘Notes’ or just take a screenshot of it. Apparently, during last lockdown, a screenshot was acceptable by the authorities.

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Thank you. Just what I needed.

During last lockdown the phone app or screenshot attestation was revoked after a couple of days…as far as i remember.

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