Lockdown Hindsight

Is there anything you wish you’d have done prior to the lockdown that is not possible now? I wish I’d have got my hair cut. I’m now watching YouTube videos in desperation. Hmm … those clippers look tempting!

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Wish we’d gone to the mill to buy a new sack of bread flour!

Be very careful :astonished::pray:
May contain colourful language!


Haircut, but I have electric clippers, and a no nonsense approach to cutting it short. It’ll grow back even if it looks somewhat extreme initially :rofl:

My stylist(hacker) does mine as and when required…she does live with me though :wink:

What’s a stylist?


Looks great, it’s just the glasses that don’t quite suit :wink:

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Cousin It

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Always the campaigner…

At least she got the number correct for once - not her strong point maths.

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Nor Ms Patel’s. Twelvety anybody?