Lockdown, not working

hi, We live in Brittany, and are seeing a large number of people not adhering to the lockdown. A holiday home opened up with two cars earlier this week, we see family and friends meeting up for an afternoon.
Our concern is that visitors will spread covid 19 as well as depleting our local supermarkets. I am surprised that there is not an easy way to bring this to the attention of the authorities. On the 2 occasions I have been shopping on my own in the last month I have not seen any police checks

WTAF?? :rage:

Sorry…………can’t work it out.

What the actual…


Yes it is annoying for someone who is trying to do the right thing, to see others flouting the rules, especially when they are putting the lives of others in danger.
But you could earn the reputation of being a foreign vigilante if you get too much involved.
The French government has made the regulations clear and is taking vigorous action where contravention is showing signs of getting seriously out of control. That seems to be working well and if there is a problem where you live, best let the locals deal with it.
As foreigners we do well to keep a low profile.


It will be interesting to see what happens over Easter, And if there is another rise in the outbreaks as a result. Unfortunately everybody will then suffer from an extended lockdown. Some newspapers have reported vandalism to visitors cars locally. SO I guess some locals feel strongly about it

It is deeply frustrating to be a rule abider when others around you aren’t. But try not to let it get to you, and make sure you avoid all contact! The way these things normally work is by village grapevine, which will get to the Maire, who has some police powers and can reprimand people, or tell gendarmes. So the best you can do is a bit of gentle gossiping about how concerned you are about this and hope it finds its way to the right place.


Good idea Jane. Maybe pop into the Mairie, and ask if they know who owns the property, as they now have visitors all of a sudden. And that you would like to say hello ( from a distance), and say it’s nice to see the rules relaxing in Brittany a little :smiley:

Meanwhile, in Spain : https://english.elpais.com/spanish_news/2020-04-04/the-spanish-villages-raising-barriers-against-the-coronavirus.html

Our village these days at 1.05pm
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I was wondering whether the local forces of law and order (gendarmerie for us) were being absent in order to be out in force at the weekends to fine people attempting to go on holiday, but then began to wonder about what exactly they would do. Suppose I manage to avoid the police checks nearly all of the way to my intended destination, then get caught, say, 10 km from my holiday/2nd home/friend’s house/whatever - what will the police do (other than fine me) ? Send me back ? The whole thing just seems totally ineffective. If you can afford the fine, which presumably most people with 2nd homes probably can, then where’s the incentive (other than actually wanting to preserve one’s fellows from possible viral contact) ? If you are selfish enough to drive to your second home during confinement for no other reason than you want to go there, then surely a small fine isn’t going to stop you ? Admittedly, if you have booked a holiday home, then an additional fine might or might not be an acceptable expense. Have I missed something ?

People are being turned round and sent home, according to reports on the evening news here. Whether there is any subsequent check to make sure they are at home who knows.

And people who are doing this may well be repeat offenders, so fine is increased.

Also, if you happen to have an important job, like being a chief medical officer, you might have to resign too.


Put it this way, as the owners of a gite, we do not want anyone here who is flouting the rules.

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We are planning to have a holiday next week, as we know a really nice comfortable gîte that we’ve never stayed in…:grinning:


There’s two COVID-19 cases in my village (area 56), both in the same family. The rumour is the family is from Paris staying in their 2nd home. I don’t know how true that is but they’re definitely not locals!

Therefore does it follow that you shouldn’t have any guests during the Government restrictions - and will be claiming recompense from central funds?

Bit confused how anyone could possibly go to stay at a gite - what box would they tick on their attestation?

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Two parisians on holiday were caught swimming at a beach not far from us a couple of days ago. They didn’t even bother doing an attestation!

I might do exactly the same…got one next door


It’s our own gîte!! :rofl:

Currently empty as all bookings annulled, and we don’t even have to go outside as have a connecting door in the barn. We realise that we’ve never slept in it, or cooked in kitchen so I good moment to road test it and check everything comfortable. Have used the bathrooms when our boiler broke down, so know they are fine.

And no we can’t claim anything from anyone it seems, so are just loosing money, But then we are saving money by not going anywhere or doing anything…