Lockdown permission... to fly?

My Aussie wife and I have a flight booked on 24th March from CDG to Perth WA. Australian Foreign Affairs and trade are advising Australian to come home. We have been trying, this is our third flight booking.

The lockdown permissions don’t seem to apply, do we wing it? We are returning to help my wife’s aging parents I guess we could stretch that reason?

We have been in voluntary lockdown anyway since we went to Paris 10 days ago (when our Singapore Air booking was cancelled due to Singapore blocking all French flights). There’s only so long we can live out of a suitcase especially since hotels are shutting down too.

I hope it all works out for you!
The advice to people travelling back to the UK from the British Embassy is that you should each carry the standard signed and dated attestation now when travelling in France, and check the appropriate box. (You can find it online at:

You do not have to print it out, you can carry a handwritten copy of the form to show to any Gendarmes or Security staff.
I would suggest adapting the wording below to "Je rentre a L’ Australie… par avion, de l’aéroport CDG (or whichever airport you are booked from).
I would check what the admission requirements for the airport as well. For example Geneva Airport states its still operating normally, but you have to already have a ticket and show it to be able to get into the airport.
“The embassy states they have been informed that this is permissible, but that such people should nonetheless carry one of the standard forms (you may also write out the same information by hand), and it is suggested that you add to it wording such as: “Je rentre au Royaume-Uni en voiture / par avion (aéroport de…) / par train” [I am returning to the UK by car / by plane (from …. airport) / by train]”.

“An embassy spokeswoman said British residents in France wanting to go to the UK should restrict themselves to reasons mentioned in the standard advice to the French, such as travel for urgent family reasons such as to care for a vulnerable person or look after children etc.”