Lockdown rules for Parisians

Our next door neighbours are Parisian and it is their holiday home. We know when they are due to arrive as contract gardener arrives to cut the grass so when we heard the mower last Friday we assumed preparations were under way for their arrival after lockdown travel restrictions end on 3rd May.
They turned up on Saturday just gone!
Are they bending the rules or just ignoring them?
I would hope that if they are outside the rules that someone will say so but as English neighbours I dont intend to rock the boat.
We have always exchanged pleasantries at a distance but nothing more.

They might be ignoring them, or they could have been coming from elsewhere for professional reasons…:wink:.

Our friends in Paris were due to come to see us several weeks ago, and had to cancel. They are certainly not coming yet!

Extend the distance :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


We have a neighbour that has just turned up to their maison secondaire from Caen.
It says on her Attestation that she is coming to help with caring for grandchildren, which live about twenty k away.
It would be interesting to know what your neighbours put on their Attestation.
We have another neighbour whose family turn up regularly and they put they are coming to help with an elderly relative. She is in her eighties but cooks for them, changes all their sheets after they have gone and still does her garden. There is one of her children who really does help her, but the others just come for a holiday in the country.

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I’m affraid that this is pretty much par for the course : OH goes to visit her parents with the kids in the car and an overnight bags saying that she’s taking them to stay with papi et mamie, in fact they’re just going for sunday lunch but everyone else is bending the rules the same way and we’re not talking 100s of kms either!

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Neighbours took the kids to a beach over 30km away on Sunday…no idea what you put down for that!


A lesson in Liberte.
Or how to get round the rules.

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They are no checks a friend took the train from Bordeaux to Paris no checks at all around here they are many French holidaymakers around

Did you not know that rules are different for Parisians?

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There are a lot of French people around here that think that the rules do not apply to them. Are we so
annoyed about this because we are law abiding Brits or is it that and also we recognise the problems of people moving around the country and the French don’t seem to care?

Going to be interesting to see when the second home English season starts in may

I have no intention of coming over to France in May

We have no choice but to come over as we have an ongoing legal battle, the only blessing we have is that we will have both had our 2nd vaccination when we travel.

In France there is an enormous chasm between the law and the application of the law. As a Dutchman I have a tendency to wave my protestant index finger for a schoolmastery admonition. Not the best way to make friends.


Well my German jewish index finger does the same thing!


Even my French one does… and the Scottish one.


And my English finger for fair play does exactly the same.

Talking to friend today in Bordeaux that said that people are having parties every weekend and kidding around about how is it worth 135 euros that party Very little checks from police and when they get stopped they just have fake Job attention because the exemption list is so huge now with different professions

I saw this on France3 this morning… just to make lockdown in Paris a bit more tolerable…

Only France! would be removed from the shelves toot sweet en Angleterre :rofl:

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