Lockdown, what lockdown?

Yesterday, someone on a quad bike up in the woods on the other side of our valley (I wonder what line on their attestation form they ticked?)

This morning, hunters - I think they have probably walked out of their back doors and into the woodland. At least they haven’t driven and parked their white vans next to the fields around us. They seem to have been doing that all week - good for their mental health no doubt, not sure about mine or our mutt’s who thinks he’s a hunt dog and wants to join them.

Thursday early evening, drive across Lot-et-Garonne to our vets - traffic normal, around the retail parks near Villeneuve, unlike back in March when everyone went inside and closed the door and I saw about 8 vehicles in an hour’s drive.

Early morning dog walks - we keep to our kilometer radius, so up the farm track and onto the road taking our lives into our hands as usual early morning traffic hurtles past.

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I agree Sue, lots of people / traffic around BUT people are still working / a lot of shops open / schools open so it isn’t at all the same as March. I was properly scared back then now I’m kind of a bit numb (for want of better word), yes I do the mask / gel / standing back but I don’t feel frightened like I did when it first started.

familiarity breeds contempt :frowning_face:


Quite true I’m sure however it is also impossible to live in an extended period of heightened anxiety either.

Hunting regulations during the lockdown are governed by the prefecture, not on a national level.

I popped into our local town today to the 'Verger" where we try and buy the bulk of our fruit and veg. Although I agree that often it seems to be as normal, today was genuinely like a ghost town.
I was the only customer in the farm shop whereas usually on a Sunday afternoon you would expect to be in the company of twenty or thirty others.