Log supplies

Hello everyone,

We are moving to Mortagne sur Gironde at the end of October and wondered if anyone had recommendations for a log supplier as we will be needing to order some for our wood burner. In an ideal world 25cm or 33cm would be great.


You are welcome ,I am glad I could perhaps help.


Thank you so much Marie-Antoinette.
We will give him a call and see if he can understand our woefully inept French!


Chris I now have the name and phone number of the log provider of my English friend;

Gérard Gruget

6 Route La Salle

17120 Mortagne sur Gironde

Phone 05 46 90 51 85

Mobile 06 13 46 24 58

I hope he can provide you with logs in the size you need I do not know the price.

I hope this helps.



Thanks Marie-Antoinette
We are moving in on the 29th and are on our way down from the UK today for the signing at the Notaires on Tuesday.
We have 2 wood burners at the house and have been reading up on the merits of pellet burners for a while. Reckon there’s more to life than the constant feeding of a wood burner!

Chris, I have some friends who live in Mortagne sur Gironde and heat their house with wood I will find out where they buy the logs they use.

We heat our house with wood pellets, we have 2 pellet stoves we are very happy with they do a great job of keeping us warm all winter.

We can see the harbor of Mortagne, la Rive, from our home in l'Echailler, you will enjoy your being there it is a lovely pleasant place.