London's Natural History Museum

this was my first school visit as a youngster… happy memories

So relieved to know it was NOT a terrorist-related attack… “entirely a road-traffic investigation”… phew :relaxed:

Horrid. But it wouldn’t be any worse if it had been a terrorist attack, really, difference of intent doesn’t mean difference of result. I notice nobody is saying anything about the loopy shooter in Las Vegas (very interesting article in NYTimes though) whereas had he been brown or black we’d hear about nothing else and the entire US airforce/navy/army would be busy mopping up his family and friends and neighbours.

I love the NHM, it was one of the places I was allowed to go to alone as a very small child, I lived very close by.

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Lucky you, Vero…to be able to visit as and when you wanted…

I must have been 9 or 10 … it was the one and only Junior School Trip…up to London, from the coast… the coach trip was exciting enough, but the Museum was absolutely wonderful, so interesting/fascinating… :blush:

Oh yes, very lucky and I appreciated it!