Long term letting

Please could anyone recommend where to advertise a regular long term rental. We took on new tenants just 3 months ago and now they have given notice, stating ‘professional reasons’ so we only have a month to find new tenants. Eek - and who is going to want to move at the end of November.
Where would you look if you were looking for somewhere to rent - incidentally the apartment is in Beaune in Burgundy.
I’ve already used ‘Bon Coin’, Viva Street and ParuVendu.

Thanks for the latest replies but fortunately we have found some new tenants so panic over!

Hi Tracy,

When I was in France I spent most of the first 3 months over there looking for a flat to rent!

Other than those already mentioned I also tried:

www.appartager.com <-- this is technically advertising ‘colocation’ but from my experience agents/landlords put their properties on there directly.

Good luck!

Thanks for all the suggestions everyone, I think se loger is just for proffessionals (or am I missing something?) and I’m off to check out pap now. We’ve used all the suggestions locally so I think we’re going to have to go further afield - it is only a small town where we live. On the positive side we’ve just had an appointment to view for Saturday so please keep your fingers crossed for us, it is financially imperative it is let out.

I always look in seloger.com first. There’s also pap.com if you’re not going through an agent (particulier à particulier).

You could also try putting up a card in the local tabac or supermarket. There’s often a notice board in these places. I talk to the owners of the local miniCasino as they know all the gossip, and maybe the boulangerie will spread the word too.

I have used the 3 you mention (with good results from Le Boncoin) from but have also used Ebay’ and Craiglist but these didn’t generate anything. Our letting agent’s ads appear on SeLoger


People still use the local free ad papers. Also go to your local “mairie” and tell the staff about your rental property. The town hall in France is a focal point and newcomers often go there to ask for rentals or property to buy. This is certainly true in small towns/villages where they hear and know about everything…

Sure you have thought of it but local papers in the property section, supermarket notice boards…
Bon coin is usually the best bet.