Long Term Property Rental or Holiday Let?

Hello. Have been considering renting our property in the Charente on a long term rental. The potential tenant seemed a bit iffy - so I looked on the forums and came across a few horror stories about not being able to get tenants to leave at the end of the contract, non payment etc. etc.

Is it possible to rent a French property on a holiday let contract and just keep renewing it?

Where would the holiday contract have to have jurisdiction - UK, France or both?

How easy would it be to ask a tenant to leave on this sort of contract - if it were possible?

Would it be better just to offer the French property for holiday rentals?

Any advice really welcome!


Thanks again for your help.

I'll have to investigate the whole holiday let contractual side of things. I already let holiday properties in the UK and Gibraltar - so the jurisdiction hasn't come up.

I shall have to check out the contract that holiday let agencies based in the UK but letting French properties use.

Thanks again.

Dear Tabitha,

The furnished holiday let term cannot exceed 90 days but cannot be used as a main residence by the tenant. For the latter use, only a furnished let contract would work (minimum 1 year).

Legally, the furnished holiday let must be declared to the Mairie.

The contract can only be subject to French law as it is determined by the location of the property and not the situation of the owner or the tenant.

You can either let it yourself or use a property management company.

I hope this helps.

Thanks very much for letting me know Guillaume - much appreciated.

What is the maximum time that a holiday let contract could be used for?

Can you point me in the right direction for information to let my property for holidays? Are there any licences that I need etc?

Can this contract be subject to UK law if the guests are from the UK and I am a Gibraltar resident?

Very good of you to assist.

best wishes


Dear Tabitha,

The renewal of a holiday lease to the same tenant would “transform” it into at best a furnished lease (minimum 1 year) or at worst a long term lease (minimum 3 years).

The terms of the lease are subject to French law.

I hope this helps.