Long Term unfurnished rental, Nantes or close

(Anna Smith) #1

Hi, I’m moving to France in March, and will be looking to rent a flat in or close to Nantes.

I am self-employed, and will be able to provide proof of employment and earnings from the UK. I already have a French bank account, but it’s not really used yet.

My spoken French is limited, but I can read and understand written French pretty well.

Where should I start looking for rentals? The difficulty is, I have to stay in the UK until my moving date, for health reasons.

Is it possible to do anything re. renting before you move?

And last question: does anyone know this organisation: www.switch-up.fr ? They seem to provide relocation help.

Thank you,



(John Scully) #2

I’m afraid I can’t help on the accomo but my daughter spent a year in Nantes on Erasmus and loved it. You’ll have a ball :blush:


(Mandy Davies) #3

Lots to rent here.



(Anna Watson) #4

A French landlord is very unlikely to accept proof of self employment and earnings from the UK. Standard requirement for tenants is for a French permanent employment contract showing earnings of at least 3 times the rent. Failing that they will most likely ask for a guarantor. This is certainly something you can and should sort out in advance.

You could ask your French bank. Someone on another forum in the same position as you was successful in getting Crédit Agricole to act as guarantor. But I wouldn’t leave it until the last minute to arrange this, in case your bank is slow about it or makes difficulties.

Also bear in mind that if you intend to carry on working self employed from home after moving to France, you are obliged to register with URSSAF in one way or another so that they can collect your French social security contributions. Either you can register some kind of business in France, or if you have a UK ltd co then that company can register you as a French resident employee. If you only have a UK passport then this would need to be done before the cut off date for freedom of movement.

So lots to think about and plenty of advance preparations you can be getting on with if you haven’t already. Good luck with the move and I agree with John, Nantes is a great place to be.


(Anna Smith) #5

Thanks Anna! That is helpful. Would you be able to point me towards that person who was successful in getting Crédit Agricole to act as guarantor? I already have a bank account with CA, and will call them next week.


(Anna Watson) #6

PM’d you.