Longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century - 27 July 2018- any photos?

Will you be able to see it:

What time will be best for you:

If the skies are clear we will see some of it, if we are awake!

Why not have an Eclipse Party… any excuse for a good time with friends… :wink:

We were at a Full-moon Party last Thursday… 9.30pm till the early hours… chatting/dancing in a garden cum field at the top of a hill…

We saw the beautiful moon rise and march across the sky… fabulous… :hugs:

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Lucky enough to see a total lunar eclipse when in Arles in about 90, very spectacular! :slightly_smiling_face:
Hope it’s clear for this one :crossed_fingers:

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cette nuit …

It’s raining now

then it should be over by 9pm ish… :slight_smile:

If it starts, be really sorry to miss it, but it’s pouring down here at the mo’ :crossed_fingers:
I have seen one, total, very spectacular Stella!

'ollox, :unamused:

Cousin in South Africa tells me the eclipse is happening there… and she can see it… yippee

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Photo sent from cousin in South Africa… they are out in the bush and had a wonderful view…

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Yippee… neighbours just phoned to say the clouds have parted… and, yes, the moon is there in full view… tiny brilliant light at left hand side, so presumably that is the direction the sun’s light will come from… the rest of the moon is speckled/dappled reddish brown…

Totally overcast here, having seen one, I’m so disappointed for B’, if there isn’t a break in the cloud, but, at least She is young enough to maybe, see the next one. :+1:

Mars is absolutely brilliant just below and slightly right… to the moon…

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Wonderful :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Pleased you have a clear sky Stella :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, I had given up… been patrolling the village feeling very let down…

Was more or less thinking of turning in, when the phone rang…seems the clouds had gone from full cover to clear skies in only about 20 minutes… absolutely amazing. Now there are fireworks on the horizon, so someone is enjoying themselves…

Nice to have this one under my belt, not usually so lucky… :hugs:

night, night Bill

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Really pleased for you Stella :+1: :slightly_smiling_face: