Looking for a classic car mechanic in Aude (11)

Hi everyone, we have recently moved over and are having problems with our classic VW campervan.

We are living just East of Carcassonne in Marseillette and are looking for a specialist classic VW mechanic or garage that can help us.

If anyone knows of someone or somewhere, please give me a shout.

You can also mail me direct thfcian@yahoo.co.uk

Many thanks


OMG - that's so funny!

OK not so funny that now you still have no mechanic - did Castelnaudry not work out?

HI elaine, thanks for that. That is going to be our company. Positive on one side that you heard about it, but I still need a mechanic to help me with the more serious issues!


Hi Ian,

I did a bit of routing around here in Ireland as I know a girl deeply involved in VW camping. She sent me this link and said she would also ask her community do they know anyone near your area, but these guys are near Carcassonne apparently - https://www.facebook.com/southernsuncampers - at least they may help direct you further -

best of luck