Looking for a good tax accountant in France

Hi there,

We have a joint French/British household and a property in France (residence principale) and one in the UK (rental). We’re looking for a tax accountant in France for 2019 (2018 has been painfully done) who is knowledgeable about the dual system. No one I’ve approached is interested in doing “individual” taxes - they seem to want to work with businesses only.

We live in Eastern France, near Geneva. Happy to have a good accountant anywhere in France as long as they’re willing to work by Skype and email :slight_smile: Or we can travel anywhere within the greater Lyon area…

Your help is much appreciated!!

Hi Leyla

You talk about 2018… but what have you been doing before…how have you been managing… from your previous posts, it sounds as if you’ve been in France for years now… :upside_down_face:

Has something dramatically changed re your situation ??

Have you asked your local Tax Office for help… ???

We got initial advice from these people who are close by you

I’m already familiar with them but would like to try someone else - but thank you so much for your suggestion!

Well if you find anyone, do let me know as you can’t be far away from us (we’re 80km from Geneva) and we may need additional advice next year…

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Me too!

I think you are unlikely to find someone with sufficient knowledge of both systems. It’s difficult enough keeping up to date with constant law changes in one country but in 2 countries it is nearly impossible.

My advice, as a former Tax Accountant in the UK, is to choose a firm of accountants that has offices in both countries so that they can liaise with each other and advise appropriately. This won’t be cheap but if you have complex affairs then at least you can be sure you will get the correct advice in both countries.

Someone who “dabbles” in both countries is unlikely to be sufficient knowledgeable to advise you in either place and you could end up with inaccurate, even dangerous and costly, advice.