Looking For a Holiday Home This Summer

We're currently looking to rent a villa / maison for a week towards the end of August not more than 2 hours (give or take) drive from Montpellier. We're 2 adults and 2 children and are looking to come in under 500 euros for the week for something with a garden. Countryside is no problem but we'd like to be in easy distance of a reasonable sized town for our shopping needs.

The amount of websites is incredible and sifting through them all takes buckets of time. Does anyone have any websites / recommendations / spare villa?


Hello Danny. Thanks for that website. Food for thought there for a future holiday. In the meantime we managed to find something in the Vaucluse.

Good luck with your washing machine, Sarah.

I'd suggest my house because I'm going on holiday 12-26 Aug but my washing machine is going on the blink.

Hi Alan...not exactly Montpellier, but within 2 hrs and budget. Le 111 Provence There may be others there that are of interest.

If you have any further questions on Montpellier I'd be happy to try and help...I spent 2 years there.

Cheers, Danny