Looking for a holiday House swap Burgundy - West Coast

Hi, We have a big house in the burgundy countryside. Middle of nowhere, but lots of space. 2.5 acres, house sleeps 10, big kitchen en terrace for wonderful family get-together. High speed internet available.

We are looking to swap for a couple of weeks in august with someone on the West coast, from Biarritz to La-Rochelle. This is because we are planning to move there and we want to scout.

So if you live in Aquitaine or just above, and you are looking for a big place to spend time with family, our cats, playful dog and rooster, we will be glad to watch your smaller home (we are 2 plus 2 big kids) for you.

We might. We have a house in Bordeaux bastide and one a bit further north near the
estuary in the middle of nowhere in Charente Maritime…

Thanks, Catharine, We have friends in Biarritz and planned to move there because we want to live in the city. My wife is originally form Tokyo and is getting a bit fed up with the country. But the decision for the B.A.B.-area was taken rather hastily and we decided to take a step back and think again. We already did the hasty move once from Holland to Burgundy. We should take our time this time and look around a think a bit longer before we leap. Biarritz is rather wet, for instance. It seems there may be better options. Like La Rochelle. Do you know anything about that area?

Can’t help with the house swap but have tweeted the request. We are on the coast ish and happy to meet to chat about the area? C&J