Looking for a horse

Hi all,

i’m looking for a horse, this is what I’m looking for:

male, "hongre"

Between 5 or 12 yrs old

No shoes

Able to go out alone

Educated enough to walk, trot and canter (legs or voice, doesn’t matter)

not scared of roads and cars.

My level: french galop 4

Max 1250 eur.

i might just fall in love with a total different type of horse, so let me know if you know a horse for sale!!

thx a lot!!!


hi again!!!

I sent you a friend request on FB, not sure it worked though… :frowning:

Hi Sharon!!!

I’m in Les Landes, about 3hrs form carcassonne (I was there 2 weeks ago!)

All kind of help is welcome, thx a lot!!!

let me know if you hear something!!!

Hi gaby

where are you based in France? If it's not too far away from you, I'm in the Aude (dept 11) - and I keep horses at a stud farm where they breed/train horses for showjumping. They have so many at differing levels that I'm sure that they'd have something along your requirements - I could certainly ask the trainer - if you want to look me up on fb, you'll see a link there as well! They don't just sell for competition by the way, many of the horses sold on are just as good for hacking out etc. :-)