Looking for a literacy charity

Does anyone know of a literacy charity in France that would like to accept a donation of children’s books? located in or near Paris (ideally)

Any suggestions most welcome (before July please!)…

I tried donating some books to our local village library and was told they didn’t have enough space for English books. So I still have them, perhaps I’ll do a vide-grenier to get rid of them.

@ Annette - you could always sell them & then give the funds to charity?

Don’t know of any charity in France but we give our books to the local library which is always more than happy to take them, budgets being what they are and shrinking. They distribute them to other libraries in Lozere and have even sent the English-language books to Marvejols’ twin town Cockermouth where the library was wrecked by the floods a year or so back. Don’t know if this would work with Parisian libraries. You could try contacting Oxfam, Save the Children and so on to see if they have a programme for sending books to Africa.