Looking for a locale to host weekend soapmaking course in or around Paris!

Hello everyone ! We run a soapmaking business in the south west and run courses (in french mostly) in our area and in "Nanterre" (92). We may lose our paris location so are looking for an alternative ! The ideal would be someone who owns a gite or chambre d'hote looking for a bit of business off season. We need a space (not too small) with at least a sink (hot water) and a few tables or counters. A kitchen/living room in a gite ??? Please contact me if you are interested or have any brilliant ideas for us:) Here is our website to see what we do: www.aromaNature.com

Bonne journée,

Leanne & Sylvain

Hello Leanne - it is Janet from Landes Pyrenees Properties. I have just started a Business Group and we are having our first meeting at Orthez, La Place d'Armes bar at 11 am. Please come along! It is for getting your business known and talked about, networking and contacts. You can give me a ring on 0559381991