Looking for a maitre type house in the country with outbuildings and needing lots of work under 80K

Looking in pay de la loire,poitou charente and aquitaine.

Needs to be imposing looking to an extent with outbuildings and not in the middle of a village or next to a road.

Missed one that had been for sale for 2 years in the charente-viewed it in december-one month later sold! anything decent seems to be selling quick at the moment??

This is certainly the case near us in Gironde all “wrecks” nearby have all sold and therefore prices are on the up.

Please be aware that to renovate a house of this size in the state you suggested could be €200k

Covid is making people buy more rural than before- luckily france has lots!

Also it does’nt have to be currently for sale- just unused if anyone knows of any…