Looking for a new home

Meet Jasper, a loving friendly cat who loves to be cuddled and loves to spend time outdoors. He is five years old, chipped and neutered.

Our SPA rescue dog discovered him in a drain while we were walking in the town and he fitted in the palm of my hand when we took him home.

My sister-in-law took him on at the time but a change in her family situation now requires her to travel more for extended periods, consequently we are looking to rehome him.

He loves the countryside and outdoors but has not been living with young children around and tends to hide away when any appear.

We are in Nouvelle Aquitaine 87 and look forward to finding him his forever home.


wish i could but i have too many
good luck

What a beauty!!!

Good luck. There’s an absolute flood of kittens at the moment unfortunately. Try talking to one of the association’s they are swamped but they can post to alarge audience and help