Looking for a regular venue for our fish and chips around the 24

Hello SFers

Looking for some help.

We have the mobile fish and chip van known as The Dordogne Chippy. We work in collaboration with a number of bars (and a couple of restaurants too) by parking up once a week (or once a month) to serve Fish and Chips (and other options) to their customers and passers-by.

One of our regular spots in Perigueux is changing hands and we are searching for a new venue somewhere around the triangle formed by Eymet in the south, Sarlat to the east and Perigueux in the north.

Do any of you frequent a place or (run a place) that would welcome our services on a regular basis?

We have found our customer base to be as much French as it is English so the Bar doesn't have to be frequented by only Brits.....

We encourage our customers to come out to eat in a friendly place and enjoy a drink or two so we all benefit.

If you have any ideas for a location we would be grateful for any contact details.

Many thanks

There is a little town on the D660, called Mouleydier which was rebuilt (using funds from an American Heiress after the Nazi's had done their worst), with a beautiful stone colonade (providing shelter) in the square, close to the Mairie and bars and restaurants.with good visiblity from the road. This is also where the Thursday market is held and would I think be a good place for you to set up stall. It is very accessable for cars to park in that area as well as being pleasant, with low walls for seating. This is not Eymet, but there is a growing population of Brits and there could be good custom from the traffic in and out of Bergerac.

There is also a Salle de Fete further down the road on the D660, which might be another good venue....

The Maire is Jean- Michel Bournazel and his office might be able to help.

Hello Karen, yes, that is a good one from Nick. Bergerac's rugby ground in Rue Anatole France has the Salle Anatole France opposite where rugby spectators park. There is a kind of empty space around the building where it might be possible to pitch. Some of the small local clubs are a bit off the beaten track but Le Bugue, for instance, is nicely accessible. The same goes for football grounds I guess.

may I suggest Gensac 33890 in aug there is a very brico market

with a huge number of visitors.....You would do well on that day...

You may need help keeping up with the trade.

Also Rauzan antique markets.

Hi Paul

Yes it can be a deterrent. We don't sell drinks at all - we direct all our customers to the bar we are working with. Most of our collaborators don't do food - those that do take an opportunity for a "night off" offering a "soiree fish and chips". They do well with the drinks for that evening and some offer accompaniments like bread and butter and desserts to boost their profit.

Trying to explain on the phone would be a problem - My French is still better face to face (even after all these years) and we won't be able to make the trip to Riberac again until after Easter (off on a major adventure on the 28th for a few weeks) but we'll bear it in mind for our return. If you have the time to suss it out in the meantime - your first meal will be on us!

Many thanks


Hi John

Yes we know all about Fransons and we've heard about their great reputation. Isn't it fabulous that good old British Fish and Chips is so well received here!

It's a bit far for us to travel and it would be a bit of a "busmans holiday" but if we are ever in the vicinity we would have to check out the competition...



Hi Carol

You're a star!

If you contact me on my home email famillecalvert@gmail.com I can attach a letter of introduction and a copy of our busniness card and menu


Hi Karen

There surely is an issue that you are competition for cafes/bars selling food as well as drinks!?

The Cafe des Colonnes in Place du General de Gaulle (05 53 90 01 39) majors on drinks not food especially on market day, worth a call to them perhaps.


Salut Karen,

This won't help for your regular Chis'n'Fips but treat yourselves to a day out and just south of Angouleme (Dirac) and try this place for Gr8 Fish et Chips.

We have eaten fish et chips in some of the very best places in UK and France and this is the BEST.

Gary has put heart and sole, (no pun intended) soul, into his venture. He is passionate about his business and 60% of his trade is French. He also does a delicious home made burger too. Free WiFi too.

Be advised to book, as he does get busy.

Well worth a visit and if you have any doubts, have a look at Trip Advisor. www.franson.fr

Bon appetit,


I can give it a go Karen! Do you have any info etc I could show them?

Hi Paul

We have tried the Cafe du Palais - spoke to Mag Vimeau on Saturday - she tells me she already does fish and chips and isn't interested in us coming!....Maybe for a soiree in the winter is all.

We did notice a PMU bar at the other end of the street near the roundabout (opp. the bio coop) but didn't have time to chat to them. If you are up for popping in to see if it would work for them we would happily come to Riberac! I can send you a letter of introduction and a photo of our business card and menu if you want to show them something from us.


Thanks for that - always open for new ideas


Hi Karen

RIBERAC, is just outside your preferred area, but worth considering. It has a bustling Friday market and there is a large British community in the area.

The 'Cafe Du Palais' (Tele: 05 53 97 72 18) is on the edge of the market place and seems to have lots of possibilities nearby for your 'pitch'

Co-ordinates to view on Google Earth are N 45-14-55, E00-20-16.

Bonne chance


We would be grateful for some research. If you can get even a "maybe" we can try to get over to have a chat before we go away on the 28th with a view to making a start on our return just before the easter weekend.

We don't need "grounds" - we can park on the roadside or on the market square with permission from the Mairie. They usually take a fee too - normally the cost of a market pitch - so everyone wins...

Hoping you have some success - and we'll wait to hear from you when you are better!

Many thanx

Karen, You're a bit far away from us (or us from you) but another idea would be local sports venues after training nights. I'm doing a similar thing with the local rugby where a pizza van is going to come round at ten when we finish training.

Morning, Karen!

Not too hot on "friendly" bars in the area I am afraid; however, there are three squares which are regularly used for markets (and other marketing). Happy to do a little research once I have finally finished with my man-flu!!

No bars with "grounds" tho...

Would you be up for approaching them to see if there is any interest?? We are happy to come and talk to them but it's a long way to come for a "no"


There's a bar/tabac just down from La Poste in St Cyprien - Chez Oscar. There's also a bar in rue Gambetta near Credit Agricole, but I can't remember it's name. I don't know whether either of them would be interested ...

Will have to put my thinking cap on re Sarlat and Le Bugue tho - perhaps somebody else has some ideaas?

Perfect locations for us - do you know of a bar that might welcome us??

What about somewhere near Sarlat / St Cyprien / Le Bugue?? We'd be regulars if you were more this way!