Looking for a stage for a computer programing Student

Hi, I am asking this on the off chance that some one can help. No1 son is 19 years old and is a 1st year student at Epitech in Bordeaux he’s working for a masters degree in computer programming and he needs to find a 4 to 6 month work placement from June/September to Dec this year this would have to be a paid stage as this is the law in France for some one of his age but there is a payment ceiling of about around 420€ per month.

He knows C language with SDL and a little SQL apparently, also XHTML CSS and PHP for making internet sites, he is completely fluent in both French and English. he already has a BEP in Electronics and a BAC STI ( science technicien ingenieur)

Does anyone have anything suitable or know anyone who would be able to take him on he can drive, so can travel.

thank you.

I will nag him desuite. thank you for all your help.

Hi Clare

If you can send me a CV for monday, my husband will see what he can do.

He says he will get it to me tomorrow. I will forward it when I have it.

I will ask him when he comes back in . He’s just gone to the post office .It’s good to have him back for Easter but he returns to Epitech tomorrow morning. It’s unfortunate that he stayed an extra day to and see some one about a stage this morning and it turned out to be a blank as they are closed!!! so hence I am trying to get involved.

My husband has a company in Bordeaux. Will ask him or see if he knows anyone. Add me as a friend and email me if you like. Does he have a french CV of sorts?