Looking for a universal car mount?

These days most of us are permanently attached to our smart phones. James and I are no exception and our phones go pretty much everywhere we do. We've got the best cases that money can buy (essential in my case as I am one of those people who regularly smash / drop and sit on their phones) so the next item on my wish list was a decent car support.

I use my phone in the car every day as a Sat Nav. I spend my life driving to different places and Google maps gets me from A to B. Until I received the Montar, my phone had been propped up against the dash which was hardly ideal. I'd tried a couple of car supports and never got on with them. The Montar changed all that (thanks to its super strong extra-large suction cup, it sticks securely to most smooth flat surfaces) so I installed it in pride of place on the top of the dash. The device is easy to install and can be released with one hand. It is also easy to remove too. In my case this proved to be a big disadvantage.

James read up about it, discovered that the Montar suction cup is a U.S patent that uses speical technology to allow it stick to any surface and retain stable when driving off-road drive and promptly pinched it.

I can report that it looks very good in the Land Rover and that Mr H is very pleased with it. He says "It has a good grip and a great solid action. The phone's not going to fall out when the car is bouncing around." I don't think I will be getting it back somehow so I had better buy myself another one....

If you're looking for a sturdy, easy to use car mount that doesn't move, I can highly recommend the Montar and you can order one here.

And here it is in the Landy!

I went back to Montar with this info and they are now fixing this. By the end of this week or next week at the latest, the pricing should be sorted so you can buy from amazon fr with confidence! Cheers for spotting this guys!

Somebody in France must be a Winnergear Associate selling on Amazon France. Winnergear who are I believe in Germany sell direct inc. delivery to anywhere in Europe for €25,70 - virtually half the Amazon price. One of AFE's Dutch members has just bought one for €21,17 inc. delivery via eBay UK.

So Catharine you will be able to save a good bit if you hurry, unless you know better!

But the price on Amazon.fr is outrageous !

See UK site only £17.99 carriage paid !

I used to have one that kind of opened up the sides in two directions to be able to get anything in. As phones got smaller then bigger again it was great. Then the lever operated sucker attachment stopped working, no suck, ao I guess the rubber had gone after nigh on a decade. I bought it for probably £1.50 or £2 in a Poundsaver type shop in Swansea. I too use my phone rather than a GPS, so perhaps I ought to get looking at this instead of forever picking the phone up whilst driving.