Looking for advice and recommendations on IP security cameras

I would like to set up one or two exterior IP security cameras to operate on my wifi network. Does anyone have experience with this, I have some questions!

Have you looked at the Next IQ external Camera? Here is a link:

I use Nest indoor Camara’s and I’m happy with these. I’m also considering the Nest IQ for outdoor use. Just be aware that you need a subscription if you want to use their Cloud based solution for storing of video captures. If you don’t use their subscription you can still view the cameras using their smartphone App.


They look great, I was hoping to avoid any subscription though if at all possible.

A friend showed me his in operation and he said the software and storage was free, doesn’t sound likely, I’ll verify that with him. How much is the Nest subscription? @Tony_Coombs

Only used internal cameras so far, bought off ebay, no subscriptions etc.

I think it starts at 50 euros per year but it depends on how much data you want to store online…

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Any recording facilities, zone alarms, phone app anything like that?

That’s ok! Thanks

Hi James, yes there are apps, Sricam which I use and there was another i set up for a customer but the name escapes me for the minute. They allow movement triggered alarms to be setup and video recording to the phone’s memory card

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Is Sricam good? I assume the cameras use a standard protocol to allow any third party apps to control then, is that the case?

I have always used the app recommended by the cameras instructions just in case of any conflicts.

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I have a system that records to a DVR and can also be viewed via an App called VSSMobile also an App called IMSeye Pro can be used the DVR connects to your internet. The whole system was fairly reasonable to buy and straight forward to set up

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Who makes it?

The DVR I’m using at the moment is an SPRO


I added the cameras separately, all depends on what you want from a camera to which ones you add. I would suggest Dome cameras fitted as high as possible, I have 5 mp cameras.

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I’m hoping that someone can give me advice on purchasing the appropriate equipment to setup up two IP security cameras. Both cameras need to be PoE (Power over Ethernet), be motion activated, operate at day and night, have a range of 8 metres and a detection width of about a metre.

I want to be able to store and potentially edit on my laptop the videos from the IP cameras.

At the camera end an ethernet cable will run from the camera to a TP-Link PoE switch.

There will be another ethernet cable running from the TP-Link switch into my study.
At this end I have a choice: either run into a Cisco PoE switch (which my Windows laptop is also connected to) or to run into the back of my Orange Livebox 5.

So in summary, I would like advice on the following specific points:
(a) camera recommendations
(b) Plug the ethernet cable into my Cisco PoE switch or the Livebox?
(c) Will I need software to be able to store and process the video feeds from the cameras, and if so any recommendations?

You don’t say how long you want to record for and how long you want to keep old recordings for.
I have a four camera Sansco HD CCTV security system in England. That has a 1TB hard disk. The oldest data is continuously overwritten as it fills after about seven days.

Here I’m investigating a multi-camera system for wild life. I’m currently playing with some Tapo C310 exterior cameras (although they will probably be replaced by higher definition cameras) and storing the recordings on a Synology NAS running their Surveillance Station software. Each camera is currently using about 50Mb storage for 30 mins recording.

You could look at Reolink.

I would check out Reolink, I have a three cameras from them now, very good quality, user friendly interface etec, ask me anything!

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As I’m hoping to use motion activated cameras, I guess 30 mins a night for each camera and a retention period of a week would mean that I’d mean around 700Mb storage: say 1Tb to be safe. Eventually I may use a NAS, although initially I plan to use an external USB drive attached to my laptop.

James - thanks for the recommendation. It looks like the Reolink RLC-520-5MP will suffice.

Can the camera be controlled / configured via an App running on Windows?

I also wondered what data format the video stream is coming in?
I was hoping that it could be either MP4 and AVI so that I can use VLC to playback and either OpenShot Portable or Shotcut Portable to edit.