Looking for advise on planning permission for non-permanent structures

Hello everyone. I am looking for some advice on planning permits for non-permanent holiday homes, basically tents. I realize it can differ commune to commune but I thought before I barge into my mairie and start asking questions it might be a good idea to get a feel for what was allowed and what was not. We would be looking to erect tents through the summer months but connected to a fosse, so not completely temporary. Is there anyone out there who has any experience with this, I would be really grateful for any info.


Thanks, I'll do that now, I'm in the Dordogne.

Hi Karen. I wonder if you might consider posting this in the Renovations group? http://www.survivefrance.com/group/renovationgroup. Also, your profile doesn't say which departement you live in, but check out the groups and see if there is one for your region, as regulations could differ from region to region. Regards, Sheila