Looking for affordable French lessons in Paris. Any suggestions?

Hi guys, I moved to France in October to work as an English language assistant. I wanted to take this opportunity to take some formal classes, complete B1 DELF, and meet people to improve my conversational French. Who would have thought it’d be so difficult!
My school is unable to give me a stable timetable so I have to leave 9-5 available for 12 hours of work. Sigh My housing fell through when I first landed so I’ve wasted three months speaking very little French. Now that I’m all settled, I want to apply for an evening class beginning January. As I’m currently unable to find additional work due to my timetable or lack of, I have to be more frugal than I planned. Can you suggest any places? If push comes to shove, I’ll have to use my credit card for alliance française (buy definitely my last resort).

Please HELP!! ^^

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Hello :slight_smile: i found campus langues the best option for learning french. Much less expenssive and good quality. :slight_smile: