Looking for an affordable and reliable English speaking builder


Can anyone recommend an English speaking builder in Herault? Need someone reliable for January next year. We are based in Minervois 34210.

(stella wood) #2

Whilst someone might be able to recommend… why not go through Pages Jaunes or your local Magazine… which list builders… many building companies have English speaking of some sort… and you will want to get 2 or more quotes anyway, so it is a good way to test the water.

As for “affordable”… mmm…there are basic rates … and what is affordable depends on your purse and the quality of their workmanship… between the two, you’ll need to find an acceptable balance…

(Michael McClure) #3

I’m in Gard, next door department. Retired fireman and built my own place here in Nimes from scratch.
I’m not interested in doing the work but could help project manage.
Give me an idea of the scale of the project?
Can’t guarantee cheap but can guarantee value and quality.

(Michael McClure) #4

Just looked at map. 2 hours away but email me anyway.
Email advice is free.