Looking for cat lovers in the Lyon area!

Is there any cat lover in the Lyon area who would be willing to feed our 3 cats occasionally at our home when we go away??? We would do the same for you! If so, please send me a message. I would also LOVE to make new contacts to all cat lovers in the Lyon area, because cat people are NICE people :slight_smile:

Hope you find some others near you, let us know how you get on

Thanks, Lynn. We live in Francheville on the Northwestern outskirts of Lyon. We have a kennel (cattery) run by a Scottish woman and I also know a professional cat sitter, but I just thought it might be nice to get to know somebody through the forum and make a new contact here.

Have a nice weekend,

Hi Regina and welcome to cat chat.
I feel like we are best friends already after your parting comment “cat people are NICE people!” and totally agree.
If I hear of anyone near Lyon I’ll let you know, but I guess it is a pretty big area, so which part are you based?
Have you tried doing an internet search for “association garde chat” for instance?