Looking for French Healthcare Legislation Text

Hi there - does anyone know where I can find any legal text clearly demonstrating the rules about applying as an inactive retiree for PUMa - notably WHEN one can apply? The CLEISS in Paris could not actually give me an answer when I called to ask what the difference is between applying after 3 months and after 5 years.They just told me that 5 years has been written into the legislation but that you can apply after 3 months. In either case, each application is assessed on its own merits. So there is really no difference. AmĂ©li helpline still telling people they have to wait five years before they can apply. I’d really like to nail this down! Appreciate any clues, links

As a matter of interest:

which country have you retired from
how long have you been living in France

you may have confused the issue by asking CLEISS what the difference is, regarding the timescale

I do this for a living! But the legislative text is exceedingly elusive! And I’d like to be able to refer to it to prove to the AmĂ©li team that they are wrong about the 5-year rule. :slight_smile:

This is probably the text you are looking for

but as Stella says, you have to be sure you are reading the bit that applies to your precise situation. There are different routes to healthcare and different criteria to be met, depending on all kinds of factors.

As a general rule - if you can prove 5 years’ unbroken legal residence in France as EU citizen, then you have an automatic entitlement on the same terms as a French person. Between 3 months and 5 years, acceptance for healthcare is conditional on you continuing to meet the criteria.

 so you are not the inactive retiree

I am not aware that anything much has changed
The inactive retiree goes to the local offices, 
then, depending on each individual situation
 completes applications and waits

Have you searched this Forum 
 we have loads of posts about Health Care, Health Insurance, Carte Vitale
 and so on.

useful link:

Hi Anna - thanks for responding. yes, this is the text we use (page we sent our clients to) as our ‘best’ evidence of the 3-month rule. We have hunted and hunted, and we know the laws/rules off by heart, we just can’t find LEGAL evidence of them! I would like to find them in Legifrance as the EEC texts refer to each individual country’s legislation. It’s becoming imperative as the staff on the AmĂ©li helpline are consistently telling people they CANNOT apply before 5 years, which is clearly wrong. And they are then telling people that anyone that tells them otherwise is wrong! Hmmm
 I’m looking for the upper hand here! :slight_smile:

Hi Stella - yes, I’ve had a good go through but not really found enough time to read every post on the health threads. I seem to remember some members posting legislative info previously, but it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack, so I thought I’d be proactive and just ask! :slight_smile:

How can they argue with the information posted online on their own website? Surely just printing out the page and showing them their text clearly stating three months will give you the upper hand.

Have you visited your local CPAM office and spoken with someone, face-to-face ??

As Anna says, each applicant’s situation is different

It’s the staff at the AmĂ©li helpline (Eng spkg one) that I need to prove this to. I have no problems when I go to my local CPAM with or on behalf of clients.

 I meant, have you mentioned this difficulty to your CPAM folk.


This is a useful link

I wonder if the Améli English speaker is confusing Residence with Resident

Now I’m confused. Why, as you know the English speaking helpline is wrong, do you need to ask them that question? It would be a serious problem if your local CPAM was making the five year claim but they’re not. Tell them that the helpline information is wrong and needs updating, you will never manage to change what someone on the helpline says by quoting the law at them, you need to contact the organ grinder not the monkey.

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If you look under the Textes de référence rubrique on the government site, you will find a list of the relevant laws relating to PUMA and to Residence

Hi! Glad you found us. Welcome!

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Hi Anna - thanks, this seems to refer to non-Europeans though and I need the text for Europeans. Thank you all the same for your time and sending the link! Nicole

You could possibly try searching on the website of the Bulletin Officiel or the Journal Officiel de la RĂ©publique, assuming that is, that it has some kind of searchable interface
the problĂšme with LĂ©giFrance is that not necessarily all of the fiddly bits of information are there
and their search interface is, how shall I put it, antiquated?

OK, so much for my previous suggestion, the JO website takes you to the LegiFrance search engine
hey ho.

Anyway, it would appear that Article R.114-10-1 (Décret n°2017-240 du 24 février 2017 - art. 3) is the text you were looking for ?

Decree Residency Period PUMA


Oops, sorry, wrong link, it seems to be Art. R.111-2 instead:

Correct Link to Residency Period

And as for when, I would assume, perhaps incorrectly, that until you could show the 6 months habitual residency, then it wouldn’t be worth applying ?