Looking for Help on Using a CA GPRS TPE

Hi, is anyone out there (, in here?) using a GPRS TPE card terminal from Credit Agricole to take card payments?

We have recently received ours, I have a few questions that I would like to ask. If anyone can spare the time to reply I would be most grateful.

I am looking for the X-Balance ( end of day) and Z-balance (end of period) reports.
Also, how long does it take before payments taken on the reader appear on the bank account?
When payments do appear , I assume it is an aggregated total do you also receive an itemised account? Is that by day, or by transaction?

I’ve got a Crédir Agricole TPE that we use day in day out but it isn’t a mobile one (wireless/wifi). The codes are different for contact and sans contact payments. I go straight for the payment update at the end of each day, did it at lunch time today but without the machine in front of me I can’t remember (done it everyday for 8 years… getting old!) but try F, 1, 2 for the contact payments and F, 3, 2, for sans contact. The money gets credited to your account over night/is there the next morning when you check your account. I think the consulatation is F, 1, 1 and F, 3, 1 but I’d need to check the screen of my TPE to confirm and I’m at home now. Doesn’t yours have the possibilities on screen as soon as you hit F ???
I get credited the total of what I cash-in and the commision is debited and shown on the following line. I get a separate statement for card payments at the end of the month.

@Magwych Can’t you ask CA ???

they have all sorts of contact means… on their websites… from what I’ve seen… :wink: :thinking:

I am not particularly enamoured with the knowledge, nor skills, at our branch. They have lost cash after paying in it - they shrugged and said “it happens”. They forgot to return the contracts to the card centre. Then, after thw card centre confirmed they had the contracts, the bank was chasing us to sign them!
No sign of any monies from last weekend’s sales.
The machine itself arrived in an old cardboard box, bits of bubble-wrap crammed around it. The configuration appears to be already set up for us, receipts have our Societe name on it. It seems to have worked for our first customers, apart from not receiving the money!

Thank you Andrew, got the reports now. The totals tie up with our sales; we just need to find where the money has gone. Maybe losing the cash is another one of those things that sonetimes happen :blush:

Were there another bank, or another branch nearby I would move our bank accounts tomorrow.

Does sound very odd… and not very professional.
Totally the opposite of the 2 branches I know of where we live… :thinking: I would be spitting mad, in your shoes…

Have you had any money credited, after using the machine ?? it’s got me wondering if it is really connected to CA… or is it a rip off/scam… ???

The machine is definitely from Credit Agricole, not a third party. They have run out of their Smart TPE machines, so are supplying the better GPRS TPE devces instead.
It looks like the machines are refurbished then reconfigured for the next client.
The bigger concern is where our payments have gone. I had been wondering if it was a monthly settlement arrangement. Sounds like it is not :rage:

Martin, have you done the f-1-2 and f-3-2, to collect the payments? You have to “ask” for them to be transfered to your account, if not they sit there waiting. For info, I’ve already been credited what I “cashed in” yesterday :wink:

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No, not at branch level, Stella, you need to go phone their dedicated service tpe :wink:

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Hi Andrew…

I mean when I go to my “personal page” online with CA … there’s all sorts of contact stuff there and if the info isn’t there… sounds like it should be…

or, perhaps Business Accounts don’t have the same kind of “personal pages”…

there’s a little box which pops up regularly… can we help you… do you need help… :wink: :relaxed: :relaxed:

For day-to-day stuff, yes, but most have never used a tpe :rofl:

Aha!! That is the bit we were missing! On ours it is F-1-2 for swipe/pincode payments and F-2-2 for contactless . It was such a relief to see a stream of paper coming out the machine.

They have offered a teletraining session, on the phone but I think I would struggle with too much new vocabulary.
It is great that all the configuration has already been done but some further instructions would have been helpful. I did receive a set of quick instructions on how to switch on/off, charge it and change batteries or paper roll. The rest I had to work out from the website at ingenico.fr

Actually claiming the payments was not so clear.

Thank you, @Andrew_Hearne.


I should have thought of that; mine used to be F-2-2 for sans contact but changed not long ago for no apparent reason!

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