Looking for Long Let - 6 months - 12 months? Duras/Issigeac Region

Hi there. We are selling our house (with a new agent) and he already has 2 very promising potential buyers. As soon as we sell it (in the UK) we are looking to move to France and rent long term until we find a suitable property. Minimum 6 months maybe up to 1 or 2 years. The region we are looking in is from Duras - Bergerac - Villereal - Cancon region. We are familiar with these areas and are looking for somewhere nice with schools (the house can be remote as we are remote in the UK with the nearest shop, etc. over 5 miles away). Does anybody know of a house that may meet our requirements? We have 2 small children, 1 year and 3 and a half years. We are in the process of opening a bank account on line and are just sourcing all the details required (I may be posting questions soon!). I have reviewed information over the last 2-3 years so am quite aware of the 'pros and cons' but all information gratefully received. Many thanks - I look forward to hearing from you.