Looking for Long Term Bike Storage

Hello, my husband & I live in New Zealand and have been doing bike touring in France & Spain the last couple of years. It’s very expensive to rent E-Bikes so we are planning to buy our own and hopefully keep them stored and return once a year to do a tour. Does anyone have spare space that they might be willing to rent out or know of storage options?

Most towns have storage “boxes” to rent. Search online for the town/region you wish to leave the bikes and see who is advertising. Some removal companies also do it, we used one for over a year to store my son’s stuff after uni before he bought the house down here and cost about €60/month but it was a big box, many different sizes and for two bikes probably half that price.

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Have you checked how the batteries would respond to being charged once a year?

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You could hook them up to a battery conditioner - either mains or solar powered as appropriate.

I’ve got plenty of available space and keen to support cyclists but I’m in the middle of nowhere, at least an hour from the nearest airport with no public transport.

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I wouldn’t be any use to you either @Carolyn_van_Hoeve - do you have a preferred area that you would like to base your cycling trips around? Thinking about it, you might be better using a commercial box-storage type facility if you wanted to restart where you left off the previous year perhaps?

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Thanks for your reply Shiba - I have researched and contacted quite a number of commercial storage units, but so far haven’t found anything under €60 pm which will start to get costly over a year. I haven’t however looked at removal companies yet!

They can be left charged at 80% and lose very little charge over the year. I have been in contact with a number of cyclists who have used storage boxes (which they found expensive), and the batteries were fine after a year. There are quite a bunch of us on this side of the world looking for the same solution in terms of storing bikes.

Thanks for the offer Brian! It does sound a bit tricky if you’re not close to any public transport. Whereabouts are you?

Thanks Angela. Yes we’ve thought about that idea as well!

@Carolyn_van_Hoeve If France is proving a bit expensive… Spain might be cheaper… :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

Yes its a sideline for a lot of removers when people are not selling up and moving so much at the moment due to financial constraints, lack of property to buy in many regions, mortgages being reined in as to who can get them compared to a couple of years ago and so on not to mention the cost ofliving hitting hard here. They have the storage space and locked containers so why not use them I suppose. What about renting bikes when you come to France, some enterprising people have set us businesses doing just that but you need to do some research.

Hi @Carolyn_van_Hoeve
If you draw a line from Limoges to Poitiers, I’m about half way.

I’m in 66500 and may consider this i have an integral garage which has room.