Looking for participants in an educational video

Hello everyone,

I am making a new video for my Youtube channel (http://www.youtube.com/newlanguageguy/videos) about English speakers' experiences of learning French while living in the country.

Would any members be willing to be interviewed about the progress they have made/challenges they have faced while learning French?



Happy to help if you need anyone else :)

I could help. I've been here since 2010. Live alone, have an elderly French boyfriend and teach ESL at a university. Just passed my TFI oral for naturalisation.

I'm happy to help, I arrived here in 2006 with a 50 year old 'O'level and sporadic lessons in the UK before we arrived. I had some lessons here but found i improved much more by joining local French groups i.e., Club de Troisieme Age etc and by diving in to speak the French locals.

I learnt all French back home in India, but, yes, I did learn (and continue to learn) some spoken/slang expressions while being here in France. If such an experience helps in your project, I'd be happy to help!

I wouldn't mind, if I can remember that far back (I arrived in 1989). :)

You presuppose that at least *some* of us have made *any* sort of progress :-) I came here with a 50-year old 'O'-level in French and have largely gone backwards, I think!