Looking for Recommendation for PV Advice

Yes, that is what I m thinking, and hoping that some form of assistance might be available to alleviate the cost :wink:


I’m still thinking raw panel area - but it probably depends on what time of year you need to do this (seasonal - if so summer or winter or all year round).

What are you doing with all this, out of interest?

Making beer :beer::beer::beer::beer::beer::beer: I think. Can I be the taster?

I don’t know if you have considered solar heating of the water rather than PV, evacuated solar have been used to provide hot water in Antarctica, lots of bright light, deffo not warm :grin: May need a hybrid with some heating element.

Sounds a good idea to me!

Would it not work out cheaper to pay to take it from the grid, considering the number of times that the demand is required, the cost for a 36KVA per unit is the same price as lower demand consumers pay the only difference will be the standing charge but with being a business tariff it will all be tax deductible.

It would, I expect - I nearly pointed this out but didn’t wish to put a damp squib on the project. Martin has presumably crunched some numbers to decide whether it is viable for him.

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