Looking for some help with CFE form

I'm new to the forum and to working in France. In January I set up as an autoentrepreneur (hébergement touristique) for a gite and I've received a form regarding CFE for 2015, which I don’t know how to answer in part so would value some input.

We have a house with an adjoining small annex and it looks like we’ll be living in the house for most of the year and moving into the annex temporarily during July and August whilst the house is rented out.

My main questions are all under Section C of the form.

1) Which figure do I put for next year’s m2 at Q21? In other words, I assume that this relates to the size of the house rented out (and not just my office). I ask as we pay taxes foncières and d’habitation and so wonder how they might calculate CFE bearing in mind that it’s only rented out for 2 months of the year.

2) Do I need to complete Qs 1 - 20 as I work from home and can give them this information at Q21?

3) The form asks about renting/gites (Q 25-27). I've seen a few exonerations online if you are running gites (or if you are in a ZRR rural revitalisation zone (ZRR)). Has anyone been successful if applying for these and if so, do you have any suggestions about how to go ahead?

Thanks for your reply, Suze. I did some research online and talked to a friend, who's been here a while, who then spoke to Impôts on my behalf. They were very friendly, giving advice on how to complete each section, which turned out to be different in parts to how I'd have filled it in!

Best bet is a visit to the nearest Hotel des impots because the french are great at getting you to fill internet forms but usually manage to send it back three or four times.

Don't forget to get their name when you actually see someone...