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(ETIENNE Bernard) #1

Hello there,

I'm currently planning a trip to England for the next Easter holiday with a motor home (renault master) with my son and a friend of his.

I live in the south west near Toulouse and I would like to go near London,

I need to know the most practical route (leaving alone Calais and its jungle) first and second if you have heard of interesting places where to park a motor home around London.

Many thanks in advance,


(Brian Milne) #2

Where else? Edinburgh, doon Sooth, beats London any day alone.

(Alan Dargie) #3

And Scotland!!

(Adriana Woolfall) #4

There is a very good group on Facebook called 'campervan overnight parking' - it is UK based and has over 17,000 members. If you pose your question there you will recieve some usefull information from members personal experiences.

(David GAY) #5


There's also a charge for entering Central London in a vehicle see above. Really not worth it the "transport en commun" is good .

(Brian Milne) #6

Go to Essex, anywhere, it is a camp site ;-)

(ETIENNE Bernard) #7

Thank you David

I will check that on the web.

Many thanks


(David Rosemont) #8

Word of warning in London- there is a perimeter and within that perimeter there are strict controls on diesel vehicles, especially older ones. A friend's son took his VW camper into London then went away on military service and eventually returned to find a pile of accumulated fines awaiting him. Only an impassioned appeal to the Prime Minister worked in getting the fines lifted. They amounted to many hundreds of pounds. In Central London it can cost £40/50 a day to park a car now and if you are even one minute late you will have your vehicle removed. Could easily cost £500 to get it back. Enjoy your holiday though! I think you will find easy and cheaper places in the east rather than the west. Try Googling "camp sites near London". To the west and south you get aircraft noise as well.

(ETIENNE Bernard) #9

Thank you David

(David GAY) #10


here's a start. The Lea Valley site is close to the London Olympics Park and should be well served by public transport . The Lea Valley itself is interesting with historic industrial buildings.