Looking for venues for mosaic courses in France

A friend of mine is hoping to bring her mosaic/ceramic courses to France and is looking for suitable venues that would be interested in hosting/taking bookings for short residential breaks. Usually small groups and can be mid-week or to fit-in during off-peak periods. If this is something that would interest you could you please add some details here or let me know?

(Mosaics can be quite messy so a suitable workspace with good access to a water supply is preferred!)

I’ve just remembered another website we used to promote residential courses: www.gascogny.com

This will give you some idea of the sort of things we’ve hosted. Look under cultural association lassalle.


We have been running residential art/creative writing courses, here in the SW of France , just north of Pau for a while. Tiled floors!! water supply. Fully catered or self catering.

Our website is www.breakaway-to-bearn.com, have a look and please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information


Sandy Whitehead

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Although not in a position to do anything at the moment I may be able to next year. Do you know what sort of numbers for a small group? Where is your friend based? I would certainly be interested in talking to them to see what their requirements are.

Hi Annette,

I’ve used my house for residential courses before.

There are pictures of it on my website www.brocantegers.com under chateau for sale. If it looks suitable and you have more questions please get back to me.