Looking to Ride Near Nice/Monaco

(Jennifer Bourdeau) #1

Hey horsie lovers,

I just moved to the South of France and I already can’t wait to get back in the saddle. I didn’t have the budget to move my horse with me so I’d love to find a stable/ person with horses I could ride. Are there any resources i can use to help find possibilities. I have tons of experience competing in 3 day eventing (not even sure what it’s called in France), dressage, and show jumping, but I’m not to picky about the discipline, I just need some equines in my life ASAP :slight_smile: Any advice or people in need of a riding buddy? I would love to meet other horse lover.



(Bob Reader) #2

If its the coast to coast along the pyrennes( cant spell) then about 3/4 weeks, I wont be in a hurry when I do it.
Until then I’ll just keep practicing 4/5 hrs a day. Thankfully I get enough people wanting to ride with me that my passion helps me live.

(Jennifer Bourdeau) #3

Don’t think they’ll fit in my tiny flat :slight_smile: I need to be in country where I belong, with tons of space! Just saw the ride you’re organizing; sounds amazing! I’ve done a few endurance rides in the States but nothing that long. How long is the trip?

(Bob Reader) #4

Hey, when you get sorted can we come visit the posh end of France…with horses !