Loose tube hanging out gas radiator


I just found today that there is a loose plastic tube hanging out of my gas radiator at home (image attached below). Does anyone know what problem this is called (Googling “loose radiator tube” returns results about cars), and how serious it is?


That looks like a water filled radiator to me, not a gas heater. Is the tube something to do with the bleeding system?

Thank you. You are right, I have a gas boiler, but it heats up water into the radiators.
I have no idea what the tube does

Not a lot, from the looks of it! :wink:

Looks like it has been left over from the last time the system was drained - can you get your phone under the radiator so we can see what the other end is connected to?

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Looks as if it used to be tucked up behind the radiator out of sight, and it’s fallen down.
Probably there to drain the system as the others have said, can’t think what else it would be for.
If the radiator is working I would tuck it up tidy again!

I will take another photo when I get home tonight.
Its a rented apartment, so I don’t know what the previous tenants have left behind.

Is it actually attached to anything?

I looked under the radiator, and the whole tube came out. So its definitely not attached to anything now.

I don’t know what function it had (or if it had one) in the past. Like Paul said, maybe it was used for draining the system before.

As it is a rental property, I would tuck the tube safely away, in case it is ever needed. :thinking: :wink: