Lorry hitting our house AGAIN

Yet again, an articulated lorry full of ducks has delivered to the neighbour's duck death factory* up the track from our house (which wasn't there when we bought the place - irrelevant but prempting comments saying 'did you not consider this before buying').

I've been to the Mairie. He says it's unacceptable but there is nothing he can do about it. It's a public road (albeit a farm track that isn't built for such weighty vehicles). On one the previous SEVEN times this has happened, the impact brought down the entire corner of our building. There isn't a readily available alternate route (but it is possible to make a road through HIS property, although he says it's not possible).

We have everything documented with photographic evidence of the damage and dates. I am super stressed and peed off but am trying to keep a lid on it for the sake of neighbourly relations, which are at best - civil with a smile. My daydreams about dealing with this problem are far more inventive.

Anyway - has anyone had to deal with anything like this before? What did you do? Do you think I can report the incident to the Gendarmerie? For what? Criminal damage?

Oh - and he is known for not liking the English as well.

*We generally live and let live and are not bringing our 'poor ducks' thinking into this problem. Just want HIM TO STOP HIS DELIVERY LORRIES HITTING OUR HOUSE!

Persistence pays. Congratulations, I do hope that what is promised will turn up.

An update! We have managed to cause such a fuss we have totally fallen out with our neighbours. This is not good as there are only three houses here. BUT - it's their fault so stuff 'em.

We have got the Maire to agree to BUILD A NEW ROAD that takes the lorries away from our place. It is due to be started this year... but as we live in France, who knows which year that will actually be. The main triumph however, is that people are now listening.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time and trouble to help. I didn't feel so 'lost' since starting this thread, and because of it we still have a few options up our sleeves should it all turn (even more) to merde.

Sorry Georgina - mistype for the address! Good Luck!

It's https://www.demanderjustice.com/index.php (not .fr). See the Useful Links page under Legal Help which has other helpful hints.

What an extremely helpful post - thank you Shelley. We are going to make another appointment with the Maire as well as find a tribunal/mediator. And so it continues... :0)

Thanks again for the inspiration. And that applies to everyone who has contribute thus far.


(feeling a bit happier about it all today)

Hi Georgina - sorry to hear that the gendarmes weren't more helpful. I would chance another meeting with the Maire, armed with all your documents and asking him/her to act on behalf of the commune to resolve the issue (perhaps with some of the many helpful ideas listed here on this forum; lighting, signs, posts, barrier etc.) as surely the cost of taking remedial action should not be bourne by you, the victims.

There is always the option of taking a civil action against the driver(s) or "Duck dealer" which can be done fairly quickly and easily by taking them to a tribunal. We have used a site called www.demanderjustice.fr which helps you manage the procedure and organises all the official letters etc. Count on around 100 Euros to take it to the tribunal but there is the opportunity to claim damages from the "accused".

I hope you manage to find a way forward on this that allows you to carry on enjoying life in France - I know from experience that this type of thing can become all-consuming and too frustrating if left to fester! Good Luck!

So this morning we went to the gendarme. They said there is nothing they can do as it is a civil issue, not a criminal one, and directed us to our notaire. We sense about ten years of paperwork ahead of us....

I think James is spot on with his advice and you are correct in placing bollards to direct the lorry on a safe path, it can be done as it doesn't happen every time. Lighting will assist at night (obviously) so you will have done, at cost, as much as you can for both the farmer and the haulage firm to assist them!

What you can't see in that picture unfortunately is if the lorry front is as is in the picture, the back end of it is scrapping the house. If it misses one building it is likely to touch the other due to the angle of the road.

It's a recorded delivery letter that must be signed for, you then get a slip that proves it's been received. It's meant to carry some legal weight.


We have a dossier so yes that's an extra copy to make and send to them. Will do it - thank you for the suggestion. What's LRAR?

ominerrrrr (that is my zen chant lol)

You will get there, at the end of it you could start a business trouble shooting such problems throughout France ;)

How about compiling a dossier with photos of the damage and plans of access etc. and sending it to the company asking them what they suggest would be the best course of action as further damage to your property could result in a liability claim? Send it LRAR

So the space appears adequate to pass, is it just night time when you have problems?

From the pictures following the wheel line of the lorry you can actually see where on the grass verge away from the corner you could put a bollard each side of the corner to assist the driver in aiming his lorry to pass at night.

I would light that corner, and as you are already in the process put a bollard each side away from the corner but on the grass verge as path guidance.

Maybe get a quick measurement of the width of the lorry and check your bollard positioning, or as I said before, mark out as the lorry passes successfully through where to put the bollards. Don't just place them next to the wall, you're trying to guide that lorry through :)

Independent haulier

Is the haulier independent to the farmer or are they his own trucks?

Apparently "it is not possible" is the reply we got to that.

Looks like it's the hard left hand turn that causes the proximity, is it feasible for the driver to approach from the other direction?

Thank you for your calming words Matt. 'Trying' to adopt your zen approach. :0)