Loss of Orange internet

I thought they had to be honest but you refused it :wink:

very much an engineering solution - ‘it it wi’ 'ammer
Takes a bit of explanation at the Orange shop though :slightly_smiling_face:

It’s not you. There must be an Orange national problem (today, 15/03/2023).

We’ve been having issues all morning with all our Orange hosted email addresses. Been on & off but, as you say, internet access has been OK.

odd… just sent myself a message from my Orange email a/c to another of my accounts and it came through without any delay or issue other than it couldn’t save to my Orange sent folder (using imap).

EDIT: OTOH, sending a return message to Orange - nothing came through after 5 mins… and still noting after ½hour so there could be a problem somewhere in their system on the imap server.
SUCCESS: they have now appeared in my Orange inbox (only noticed them at 16:40 though although timed at 14:40ish).

Fibre installed recently but not right to the house. Last time we had problems Orange swore blind it was not the network but our wiring. Engineer renewed all junctions in the house but he said they weren’t in bad condition. Since then it’s been better but still intermittent outages. And as I said last few days every morning until around 11.00am

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Sounds like maintenance on Orange’s email system or some problem arisen there. They could be fighting off a cyber attack? - they’d be a tasty target

Either sneaky maintenance, or you are at the end of a long wire (or as @graham would say, at the end of a long bit of wet string) and either the signal is now weaker, or absorbed by others before it gets to you, or them installing the fibre network has somehow changed the connection to your house on their side?

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get it right Karen… long bit of wet string :wink:

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After automated phone cal and fault checkingl, engineer coming tomorrow. JUst come back on now after being off again this afternoon!

:crossed_fingers: the engineer sorts it for you…

Looks like that was our problem. Back from nice walk and all’s fine.

French news outlets are reporting there was a big Orange internet problem this morning, which is now resolved.


If its any consolation I also have occasional SFR Adsl and newly installed Fibre drop out problem. I live in 150m2 house and the router is situated about 30m from the bedroom where I often use my PC. For no apparent reason occasionally I need to re set the router signal. I though I was alone. What suprised me the SFR installers of the new fibre line assured me the new router was far superior and the range was more than enough to cover the house. I have just, after reading advise from others here, raised the lever of my router. More to follow if better result !