Loss of Sky


Does anyone have any info on Sky cancelling viewing cards outside of the UK please?

Hasn’t it always been the case the Sky don’t permit viewing cards to be used outside of the Uk?
Does it still work with or without the card for the free to view stuff (BBC/ITV/Ch4 etc)?

Are you using it with the original Sky box?

All working ok here😁

Sky do not allow you to view outside UK. (I am not saying however that people do not watch Sky outside UK)

Yes it does.

Yes through skyinfrance.

From the SkyInFrance website:

SKY Subscription
In most of Europe you can receive the SKY digital satellite services, which of course offers you a choice of [sky subscription packages] as long as you don’t tell SKY you’re not in the UK!

So I it would appear that everyone is correct, you shouldn’t get Sky outside of UK but you can.

Does this work via Internet or satellite dish?


Have you spoken to Sky In France to see if they are aware of any problems? You mentioned “Sky cancelling” the card - what was it that made you think the card had been cancelled?

Assuming your dish is aimed at Astra on 28.2°E have you tried another decoder to check it’s not a problem with the LNB?

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