Lost papers

What to do … urgh … cannot lay my hands on the TITRE DE MAISON

Are you sure that you ever had them and that they’re not being held by your Notaire?

I assume you mean “property deeds” - I didn’t know the equivalent existed as such in France? Thought all the records were kept centrally and put on computer these days. All I have a copy of the “Acte de Vente”, not the original. No idea where the original is but presumably whoever holds it it can issue another copy?

Solicitor has a copy but is nagging me to bring along the original. SO annoying as I pride myself on being methodical

Searched 13 archive boxes, a dozen dossiers and a million papiers/fiches. Solicitor mumbled summat about having a copy but needing the original at the signing.

What I ask myself is : - what if I had been burgled or set on fire (as was the Mairie in Dieppe, containing all my French husband’s certificates) ???

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I’m only asking because my Notaire has my papers and told me that it’s the norm.

On a related subject the solicitor is insisting I have the Diagnostiques Immobiliers done again - it was last done December 2012 - so 4 and a half years ago. I thought the report was valid for FIVE years

I am pi**ed off woth notaire. I have spent THREE DAYS - hours at a time - looking for that wretched TITRE de MAISON and now he tells me they have it at the office. Meanwhile gotta fork out for new Diagnostic Report tomotrrow and must wait till August 23rd to have water supply tested - another €180 - in order to gat a justificatif d’assaisonment.My buyer is desperate to move in and I will probably lose the UK property I am interested in.

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why so long for a water test… is it well-water or what… ?

I think Shirley means a justificatif d’assainissement - possibly for her septic tank set-up?

Also - most diagnostic certificates are valid for 10 years. Just take a look at the validity noted beside each test completed.

I was thinking eau potable…and we recently found a great laboratory… hence my reply…:grin:

No, I am on the Mains.
Getting through to Veolia was tricky enough - after three days of trying I had to cheat and use the Emergency Number

The vqlidity of the Diqgnostiaue certificqte cqn lqst qnything fro; SIX :ONTHS to ten yeqrs depending on zhqt they find. Sorry re keyboqrd shenqnigns

The surveyor has ben and what a sweetie. Found nothing wrong, gave me a good price and is sending the report directly to my notaire. He has reassured me about the Water Justificatif also - apparently it is not needed for the Compromis de Vente so Veolia being unable to give me a rv till 23rd of August need not delay matters as much as I had feared.

He left this chart with me to clear up the (complicated OF COURSE, being in France) Validity times.

ALSO a house has come up in the uk which seems “ideal” for me

Large gin and tonic beckons

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We’ve had to have the diagnostique redone during the purchase of our place. The termite report needed to be less than 6 months old.