Lot/Correze border

Is anyone resident around Martel, Vayrac, Beaulieu sur Dordogne areas. We have visited on a number occasions and like the feel of the place and will be passing through for a few days next month. Would like to get first hand views as considering move from Brittany.

So by the huge volume of replies this seems a really popular area!!!

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It’s a lovely area, one of my favourite and one I’ve spent a lot of time in. If you asked some questions, I and people like me might be able to answer them but as it stands your request is too open ended. What exactly do you want to know?

We’ve stayed in Martel and had 2 holidays in Vayrac. Lovely area but we don’t live there. I’m sure others on here do, so hopefully you’ll get some decent advice.

Hi Mike :wave:t3:
You could try asking Norman. He hasn’t posted for a few weeks but if you click on his Avatar and then the Blue Message box you can PM him.
He may well receive an Email notification and get back to you.
Also for other silent members reading this you can click on Mike’s avatar to message him privately if you’d rather not post publicly, although it would be lovely if you did share you thoughts of Martel, Vayrac and Beaulieu sur Dordogne with us on the forum .

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Sorry for vague posting!! Was trying to get a feel for how many British people were living in area. My wife cannot retain spoken french due to stroke some years and would like some company and conversation. We have been in France for 12 years and are considering a change!! We will be away in sun for winter.